Studies indicate that increased sun may prove helpful in lifting the spirits. Vitamin D increases, and the sun’s rays are believed to release more serotonin. The chemical plays a pivotal role in people’s mood. The more serotonin, the less likely people feel sad and lonesome; therefore, when life becomes a bit too crazy, pack the bags and hit the beach for a little vacation. For the best deals on travel and accommodations for your vacation, visit RetailMeNot. Before you hop into the car, be sure you’ve prepared appropriately. The sand and sunshine is great, but any trip could prove frustrating if you don’t have the appropriate tools. The following are three musts for your beach stay. 

1. Research the Location

Not all beaches are the same. Some cities appeal to people who want to be busy and have noise. These areas host parties and build up the events in town. They are not suitable for visitors looking for quiet and tranquility. For those looking for a break from city life, look into beach houses in North Carolina. These towns offer a respite in nature, where it’s just people and the shore. Activities here involve exploring nature and spending time with family or friends.

2. Invest in Premium Sun Care

While serotonin release could be beneficial, the sun’s UV rays prove harmful to the skin. Sunscreen is a must to ensure that the skin isn’t burnt to a crisp. After all, the trip might turn painful if a burn sets in. Be sure to purchase a good-quality lotion or spray with an SPF over 15. Lather it on every couple of hours. It does wear off. Facial creams and lips should be considered. Also, bring a hat that offers the face some shade.

3. Ensure You Have the Right Beach Gear

Whether you want to spend an hour on the shoreline or an entire day, be prepped to make it comfortable. Either find somewhere that rents premium chairs and umbrellas or bring one with you. The material should be soft and supportive. Have a cooler with plenty of water. Dehydration can set in quickly, so you’ll want to drink a glass every hour. Have absorbent towels that are big. Laying out is great, but if the towel is too short, your feet and head end up in the sand–that could ruin the vibe. Bring a frisbee, ball or buckets. Even if you aren’t a kid, building an old-fashioned sandcastle is creative and relaxing.

Relax for a bit on the beach. This break from normalcy may be soothing and rejuvenating. Be sure, though, before you head out, that you’re armed for the best trip possible. Packing appropriately allows for easier travels.